S.R.M. College, Kudal
Karachi Maharashtra Shikshan Prasarak Mandal's
Sant Rawool Maharaj Mahavidyalaya, Kudal
Affilated to Mumbai University
Accredited by NAAC with B Grade
I. Attendance:
II. Instructions to Candidates about Examinations:
  • Be in time. A candidate who is late by more than 30 minutes shall not be admitted to the examination hall

  • No candidate shall be permitted to leave until half an hour is over after the question papers have been distributed.

  • Enter on the title page the class, subject, section and seat number.

  • Write on both sides of the page, unless instructed. Rough work should be written on the left hand side or on a separate page. Answer each question on a new page and number it.

  • No pages shall be torn off from the answer-book given to the candidate.

  • Nothing shall be written on the question paper.

  • Exchange of written materials, stencils, mathematical instruments, etc. is strictly prohibited. Ask the supervisor in case any thing is needed but do not leave the seat on any account, at any time do not leave the examination hall during the last ten minutes.

  • A candidate is liable to disciplinary action for use of unfair-means e.g. if he / she

    1. Keeps with him / her any book, notes or any other written material.

    2. Speaks to or communicates, in any other way with another candidate.

    3. Disobey any instructions issued by the senior or junior supervisor or is guilty of rude ordisobedient behavior.

    4. Any use of unfair-means during the examination is liable to severe penalties as per the ordinance.

  • Ten minutes before the close, a warning bell will be rung, after which no candidate will be permitted to leave the hall. At the second bell, all must stop writing and be ready to handover the answer booklets to the supervisor.

  • III. Discipline:
    IV. Behavior and Conduct:

    V. Mobile Phone:
  • Bringing of Mobiles within the campus is strictly prohibited as per the University norms. If any Learner found with mobile, the mobile set shall be forfeited and strict action shall be taken against the Learner.

  • VI. Dress Code:

    VII. Ragging is Prohibited:
  • Government of Maharashtra has notified ragging as a cognizable offence. Any one reported to be involved in any form of ragging will be severely dealt with. Therefore Learner are advised to restrain from indulging in any form of ragging.

  • Attendance and Grant of Terms
  • Attendance of earner is regulated by 0.119, 0.120 and 0.125

  • a. Ordinances 0.119, 0.120
    1. The explanation issued by the University wide circular no. UG/235/98 dated 03/07/1998 relating to0.119 says that - “For granting of terms, attendance of 75% of theory, practical and tutorials(where ever prescribed) separately will be required, out of the total number of lectures, practicals and tutorials conducted in the term”.

    b. Ordinance 0.125
    1. It states that “To keep a term at a college or recognised institution, an undergraduate Learner must complete to the satisfaction of the Principal or the Head of Institution, the course of study at the college or institution prescribed for such terms for the class to which such undergraduates then belongs”.

    2. Learner who fail to maintain the condition of minimum attendance on account of bonafied illness, or any other reason which is deemed right by the Principal, should apply in writing to the Principal, for leave of absence, prior or within two days from the date of commencement of such leave, failing which they will be treated as defaulters.

    3. All applications for leave of absence along with medical certificate, if any, should be submitted to the Principal and not directly to any teacher.

    1. Learner who request leave of absence from lectures / practicals / tutorials for participating in sports, cultural ` Avishkar' research convention or any other activities on behalf of the cooege should submit the application countersigned by the respective teacher incharge.

    2. All decisions pertaining to grant of terms will be decided by an Attendance Committee duly constituted by the college